Open Floor has it all..movement, music, creativity, dance, stillness, connection, exercise, embodiment, laughter, tears, joy, sacredness.

It can be a lot of things to many,

loads of people call it a movement meditation 

or an embodiment dance class.

Come and try for yourself..curiosity is welcome.

On a basic level, we dance, and that's soo good for all parts of you, and then on a deeper level we tune into ourselves, our body-brain, our wairua and when we are at the centre of us, present with our whole messy wild delish intimates selves, the gold comes out. 

Come find the gold within you, while dancing to great tunes!!

If you are thinking of coming along to a class, here is a couple of things you may want to know. 

I will lead you through a warm-up,

just feel into to where you are at, ie busy mind, sore body, full heart just noticing how you arrived.

After that, there is a fair amount of free dance,

and then I will lead you into inquiry work.

this could be alone,

or with another or with a small group.

It could look like dancing or it could look like you are trying to swim but never learnt as a kid.

No one really cares what you look like when you move,

just that you are listening to what you and your body need.

It can be challenging dancing with another person, it could be challenging dancing alone.

All of these inquires help us on and off the dance floor.

There are no steps to learn.

There are no right ways or wrong

Most important is to turn up, to yourself first.

Have radical self-responsibility and be you.

The dance will take you to places and return you home,

hopefully a little wiser.

If you get shy, uncertain, self-conscious close your eyes for a bit, then come back out when you're ready. 

Find out more info on the Open Floor Practice by pressing on the links below, heaps of wonderful information, said in a way that is easy to understand.

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