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Mon, 22 Jul




Body, Movement, Revolution! FOUR WEEKS ONLINE 22, 29 JULY, 5, 12 AUGUST ~ Focus group on Paternalism.


Time & Location

22 Jul 2024, 7:00 pm – 12 Aug 2024, 8:30 pm



About the Event

After our dance of exploration with Urgency and Perfectionism, the next natural step is with PATERNALISM. 

Paternalism, rooted in colonial mindsets, undermines autonomy and perpetuates power imbalances by assuming authority knows best. Decolonising paternalism involves recognising and dismantling these power structures, fostering true autonomy and mutual respect. 

This process is essential for creating equitable, inclusive spaces where all voices are valued, and communities can thrive on their own terms. By challenging paternalistic practices, we pave the way for genuine empowerment and self-determination.

Whose authority are we living under, internally and externally?

We will also cover other topics that come up, but our main focus for this round will be Paternalism.


And here is my extra blurb for those who are first time in the zoom with me x 

To dance with intentional awareness around the social constructs we live our lives with is a supportive pathway to making sustainable change. 

Recognizing that systems are unhealthy is one thing, but knowing how to make compassionate changes to 'your way in the world' is often much harder to sustain. I have found over the last few years that the dance of decolonization, with the inclusion of reindigenisation, supports a lasting awareness of your place amongst us all - the good parts of you and the kinda shitty parts too. Our insecurities enter the room when we are challenged to look at how colonized we truly are; defensiveness, guilt, shame, rage, and so on. 

They all arrive... AND this is good. 

This is part of the process, and we dance with the messy, uncertain investigation of your truths. We do this together with creative expression, with music, with the written word, with connection and curiosity. 

What once was a mess will be come clear, and then the radical imagination to what could be next. 

This work, this dance is a gift we can give each other, for our whānau, and for the generations to come. 

The Colonial worldview is damaging, and you know it. 

Be in the movement that brings about lasting change.  Our creative adaptability learned from the resources within embodied movement helps so much with the messiness of life right now. Through the dance, we find clarity; we learn to make intentional discomfort a dance, not a disaster. 

And we do it by viscerally learning with the body and the art in motion process. 

The benefits are rooted in a sense of belonging that supports our worthiness, and therefore, we have space to try something different, make mistakes, learn and grow.   We use the source of our Open Floor Circulim, Manahau Embodied Movement Facilitation and have a place to be human in the fullness of our expression to support the process of being alive right now. 

The series runs for four Mondays this time round, 7-8:30 PM, and then sharing until 9 - optional. 

Zoom is the software we will connect; I recommend getting a speaker or good headphones so the music sounds lush.

Open to all ages, any time zone, all abilities and bodies. 

Any questions please holla at me ~

Image by the fabulous Anurag Sharma via Pixl


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