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Open floor has so much to offer to everyone, no matter what walk of life you come from and how much or how little you have danced before. You can find home here. For me, and for many, open floor has become a way of life, and for others, it is a weekly practice to come back to and an opportunity to get out of your head. You can use it to whichever extent you like. I strongly encourage you to give one of Kaia's classes a go, especially if you are reading this, your body is calling for you to dance. Listen to that, and explore what it's like to move.


I can be in my head a lot. Sometimes experiencing paralysis by analysis. OpenFloor has provided me with an opportunity to explore my body wisdom. The old memories stored in cells never seen by the mind. In Kaia's classes it is done in a way that gently allows them out, like a trickling stream, rather than broken dam unleashed. Kaia is a masterful spaceholder and I have always felt safe and supported, without the sense of being rescued. I am held to do my own work.


If are wanting a space of exploration through movement art or words Kaia provides safe encouragement and knows how to skill fully build a community of trust and inclusion. She is fun and shares choice music too! Having an online space to encourage this is a fabulous opportunity to dig as deep as you want or just hang and discover surprise and delight and deep acceptance.
I have been doing this kind of work for 20+ years and know that Kaia offers a unique, professional, and approachable space for novice or experienced participants. The invitation is clean and clear... dive in and go as deep as you wish... you are held!

GRAHAM PRICE (Senior lecturer art education, men’s group facilitator, lover of dance, music & art in all its diversity)

“I stumbled upon Kaia’s dance floor at a time my life was unraveling. I found a safe space where I could be at once alive and electrified as well as completely undone. Kaia has a rare ability to hold a dance community with great strength without being at all imposing, a deft touch that is both masterful and compelling. She weaves the deep resources of Open Floor dance with the skills of an experienced DJ; lighting up what’s alive and needs to move with killer sound scapes. Kaia’s dance floor is much more than a movement space, it’s a sublimely curated score to go out and live your best damn life to!”


E Kaia, me haere tonu koe kei roto i tenei kaupapa. You have created a space where I can feel alive, connected to self, connected to this place..reminded that this is a spiritual journey You give me a space to dance. Where else should I go to dance?.. I mean really dance..not just dancing round my handbag. I'm a lapsed musician and I really miss the feeling of music in my body. It really feels like well-being and I feel blessed to have found you. Makes me want to stay in the village. This is my fun and my treats for the week. The dance has profoundly helped me to make some decisions, and relate to some recent difficult times with ease, as well as viewing the journey ahead with ease. Nga mihi


This type of consciousness through dance enables an individual to experience first hand the true nature of who they really are and can open up to more....more life, more connection to self and others, just more. I believe Kaia is onto something transformative that is changing not only the way people see themselves but to the much larger potentiality of what is truly available to them in any given moment, bringing with it a tangible sense of truth joy and loving connection.


Wanna grow. Wanna have fun. Wanna be clearer in who you are ?? Then this is a great path to follow.


Beautiful, exquisite, turning up the volume and turning up to yourself. Embodied movement


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