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Fri, 13 Jan




It is like we are finally understanding that interconnectivity is the weave on which all life thrives. Yet it is uncomfortable to step off the current trajectory alone, I hear you! And it is time for us to find a seat at the table and change it up!

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Time & Location

13 Jan 2023, 7:00 pm – 15 Jan 2023, 6:00 pm

ISLAND BAY SURF CLUB, 250 The Esplanade, Island Bay, Wellington 6023, New Zealand


About the Event

Radical Imagination is not new, and I did not come up with the phrase, 

(altho when I was looking for my workshop title and the words radical imagination came to my mind on the train between  Inverness and London I believed I had dreamed it up. I was wrong, and so I began the research!)

The radical imagination is everywhere, 

It is in the spaces where we dare to speak of something different. 

It is on the faces of the youth at our climate strikes.

It is in the voices of those on all the front lines. 

It is you in the garden planting silver beet and eating the 'weeds'.

It has been whispering for us to come together and wake up for decades. 

The radical imagination is our collective imagining, it can be used for the greater good or to continue with the great oppressions of our time. It is not that of the individual but that of the collective. 

Max Haiven and Alex Khasnabish started to research the radical imagination in 2013. 

Here are some of the truths they uncovered, which I believe are still relevant to us now. 

🤍 The radical imagination is not something that we have as individuals; 

it’s something that we do, and that we do together.

❤️ The radical imagination is “radical” not because of the answers it provides or the tactics it suggests, 

but because of the causes it seeks to understand.

❤️‍🩹 The radical imagination is not just one thing; it emerges from tensions, arguments, debates and differences.

🤍 The radical imagination is not just about thinking differently, it is about acting differently. 

❤️ The radical imagination takes us from sympathy to solidarity.

❤️‍🩹 The radical imagination is a promise we make to ourselves.

If you wish to read more of their work here is a link

So what of this for us here in this community of embodied movers, what of this for us?

When I was away abroad I had many moments to imagine, and to think about you, the humans that turn up on the floors that I create. My curiosity lead me to wonder with such a strong and resourced dance floor what can we as a collective have the power to create? 

I often think of my phrase from our 2021 Summer 'Proof of Existence' workshop - 'What I imagine I create, what I create is a better world.'  I check in with this phrase often as it came to me in the moment of our collective ritual, a gift of unedited truth. I question myself - am I imagining a better world still, am I creating that? 

What I witnessed on my journey to the Northern Hemisphere was not a better world. And that broke my heart! 

And yes the Immersion Dance Floors were a different reality! a silver lining and wake up call to how rare these places are.

I say again, What I imagine I create, what I create is a better world.

It is time to bring the imagination back - that is clear and it aligns with what is important to me.

And of course, to live the life worth living right now - is radical! 

It is radical to rest and not be continuously productive - and still feel WORTH!

It is radical to look at each other with kindness even if you don't have the same political views. 

It is radical to be emotionally intelligent and to practice healthy boundaries!

It is radical to be seen in your truth. 

It is radical to hold ourselves accountable.

It is radical to heal. 

So that lead me to Radical Imagination! I thought I was clever!! - lol 

What I was, was picking up on a larger kaupapa that has been whispering to me for years. 

Imagination in action, resourced humans healing and making changes for generations to come. 

And tbh I wonder if it is radical or just ordinary, but 'Ordinary Imagination' doesn't quite have the same feel. 

What to expect from this wānanga?

Creative Process with movement, dance, music, people and mahi toi.

Resources for truth, transition, and listening. 

Collective dreaming

Authentic Movement

Community strengthening

Swimming at the beach

Honest community ritual 

Laughter and Lunch on Saturday

Hard conversations

Sharing of kai, kindness, and care.

Open Floor Curriculum 

Manahau Embodied Movement Facilitation. 

Yes there will be lots of 'dancing' that goes without saying !! 

Conscious movement is one of the easiest ways to source and to self, 

so we will always return to the body and the dance. 

Gather the humans who are ready for change. 

We are not all the same, we are not all paid the same, or afforded the same privileges. 

So with the kaupapa of radical imagination, 

I am asking those who can, to purchase your tickets at the full price within the next two weeks please. 

(that would be 4 tickets sold to cover the venue)

Your commitment and ability to make payment will secure the venue 

and allows others to 'payment plan' and pay the not-so-early bird fee. 

It feels radical to ask that, and it also feels right. 

Full investment From $300

Not so early bird investment from $250

Iwi Māori $150

Part scholarships x 4 - For those who have a different set of needs. 

Only avalible to those who have not recieved a scholarship in previous years. Please send me an email to apply. 

Cancelation and refund policy

One week before the event you are able to get a full refund minus 20$ for admin fee.

Up to 48 hours before the event 50%

24 hours before the event you will get a 20% refund

In full disclosure, This wānanga will only go ahead if there are enough > I will advise you on the 6th of January.

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