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Mon, 22 Aug




The Atlas of the Heart - Brene Brown's new book on Emotional Intelligence is our Guide. We recap on the chapters 4, 7,9,10 and then open our process with Chapter 1. The places we go when things are uncertain or too much. Six week ongoing group 22.08.22 - 26.09.22

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Time & Location

22 Aug 2022, 7:00 pm – 26 Sept 2022, 8:30 pm


About the Event

We have had quite the break over the last few weeks, so to pull it all together we will have a six-week series. 

Recap on the emotions of 

Awe, Wonder, Confusion, Curiosity, Interest, Surprise - Chapter 4

Compassion, Pity, Empathy, Sympathy, Boundaries, Comparative Suffering - Chapter 7

Belonging, Fitting in, Connection, Disconnection, Insecurity, Invisibility, Loneliness - Chapter 3

Love, Lovelessness, Heartbreak, Trust, Self-Trust, Betrayal, Defensiveness, Flooding, Hurt. 

Whoa MAMA!!! there has been some great work being done it these classes. 

After our general recap, we will be with Chapter 1. The places you go when things are uncertain or too much x 

See you there 

Emotional knowing! to be able to know what it is when it arrives. To name the emotion, to be clear and feel the ride of it all. We are emotional beings! and some of us bleed everywhere and some of us are like stone. 

Somewhere in the middle is me. 

And...depending on my moon cycle can influence how much of a ride my emotions take me on. 

And...depending on my circle of capacity informs how I respond or react 'well or terribly'.  

And...depending on who you are, if you were allowed to have emotions as a kid, if you know how to go through the whole cycle with an emotion, if it's 5am or if your tired....and depending on ...depending...etc etc, 

will let us know how our emotional intelligence is now. 

The centre will hold, if and only if, we can feel those edges - Brēne Brown!

and I added (and we can feel those edges)

and we can, two years into our global pandemic, you have definitely arrived at your edeges! many a time.

Some times able to expand, some times in full explosion, sometimes frozen.

It is all real

It is being human!

This year asked me to work with emotional intelligence and mash it in with creative intelligence!

So thankfully Brene Brown wrote us a new book that really asks for us to explore thru movement and messiness, and dance, and writing, and unpacking and human interaction and FEELING!

Fucken feeling all the feels so the centre can hold!

So Brenē and her people have come up with 87 emotions! and with she claims that language is the portal to meaning-making, healing, learning and self-awareness, I would say that ART IN MOTION is a portal to all of that and embodiment of all of those things!

'Without understanding how our feelings, thoughts and behaviours work together, it's almost impossible to find our way back to ourselves and each other. When we don't understand how our emotions shape our thoughts and decisions, we become disembodied from our own experiences and disconnected from each other!' -BB

And let's be honest, there is a disconnect in our societies, our families and ourselves at this time (and not all the time) and if feeling our feels, if knowing what our feelings are, being able to dance, move, name and create them, brings us back to ourselves and each other...I am all in!

I begin this 2022 infusing in all of my offerings with us getting emotionally intelligent and having creative responses. 

What to expect in a class



Emotional embodiment

Work with our continuums - Fixed~Fluid, Absence~Presence, Habit~Choice, Include~Exclude



Opportunity to turn up and do the work, and live well

and to dance in all to return again and again to CENTRE!

Every four weeks we will work with a chapter of 'The Atlas of the HeART' and be curious. (as curious as you can)

Closed group for four weeks, to open up again for our next four week series.

All series will be called ' THE CENTRE WILL HOLD' 

In the description, I will let you know what chapter we will be doing.

And... depending on our pace, on our flow will depend on what we do next. 

I am open to source, creative play and to community x 

If you would like to have a portal where you can experience all of the above infused with indigenous flavour, covered in creative process, and supported by Open Floor curriculum then come and join me x 

See you in the zoom tiles soon.


Mauri ora x 


Our chapter will be updated at the end of our latest series as it depends on what is alive in the group.





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