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Te KANIKANI o te TAIAO // the dance of our NATURAL world

This is an offering I hold dear to my soul.

To dance and create in connection with our natural world, to make art and ritual to express our connection, our gratitude, our pain, our joy, our love.

All of this is done within a sacred space // Ahurutanga.

We will connect in with the elements, Fire, earth, air, water and spirit.

We will dance the dance of our natural world and how your body responds to that...who knows, let it be unknown.

Lots of magic created in this workshop..join in the fun

Early bird tickets are $150 and close 28 September.

Yes we will go ahead on level 2. Level 3, everyone gets refunded or we may do it bit on line...lets just stay for the level one love!!!

here is a play list that may tempt your coming

May this call to your soul to connect with spirit and dance.

Jump in and get that early bird price x

Awhi mai Awhi atu

xx kaia xx

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